The Vibration of Change

Touch is so rare in our culture, but as teachers, we offer it every time we walk into a class.    Offering the gift of assists can be what helps a student break through barriers, physical and emotional, and can transform their entire way of looking at life through the lens of their physical body. 
With 12 years of teaching experience, Brook has developed a repertoire of "Bad-Ass" Adjustments “ and she will share her favorite ways to help you connect with your students through professional, safe and effective touch.  You will also learn to asses and prescribe postures to help with injuries and modifications. 

Are you missing that juiciness that comes from truly diving into a new space in your body?  Are you ready to recalibrate your own practice to be able to share the love and gifts you have with others?  
This Master Class is designed with you in mind and is geared towards delivering language and sequencing  to enhance your unique purpose & confidence. We will practice, we will play.  We will recalibrate  to a higher frequency  by learning to once again take the seat of the  new student.  When we connect with our practice in this way, we emerge refreshed and awakened to the passion and love of your own body.
Class will be mostly asana with time for partner play &  lots of seriously delicious adjustments.

Everyone comes to yoga differently, but for most of us, there is something yoga gives us that nourishes our soul.  For those that choose the path of a teacher, its crucial that you become clear on your message, and what you have to offer.  The difference between a good teacher and an empowering teacher, is your ability to connect in a true and authentic way. 
This class will be about getting rooted in your story and exploring deeply through rich asana so you have a foundation on which to thrive.  Whether you are a teacher or a student, we will connect your story, your wisdom, and your body so that your practice empowers your life.
Tools needed:  Mat, water, towel, journal, courage. 

Empower your LIFE~ Root to Thrive  

July 15th


multiple dates & locations to choose from 

  • ​July 1st 1:00- 4:00 Move Studio
  • ​July 15th 1:00-3:30 Move Studio

Recalibrate & Refine~Immersion Practice

July 1st 

​1:00-4:00 $45

The yoga reset master class series

Assisting & Adjusting For Teachers:
Grow Your Classes with Assists !

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