The Vibration of Change

September 15th & 16th

October 14th & 15th **

November 18 & 19

December 16th & 17th

January 6th & 7th

Your learning will include but not be limited to:

 ~ Fundamentals of Yoga- Intro to Asana, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mantra, Mudra    

      and Meditation 
 ~ The Lifestyle and Philosophy of Yoga - Intro to the philosophy of yoga, the yoga Sutras  of
Patanjali, intro to Yogic diet and literature of yoga.  

 ~ The Anatomy and Physiology of YogaIntro to The musculo-skeletal system, nervous system, glandular system, sensory and organ systems and a complete intro into the anatomy of movement. 
~ Heart of Service - To be in service of another human is our greatest gift in this life to give.    This  teacher training will focus on the principle of heart centered service by giving you the opportunity to participate in a service project during the training, while also teaching how to best show up and serve your students.

Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga -Teaching techniques and refinements of breath.  Surya Namaskar, modifications in asana, variations in asana and alignment in action.
 ~ Teaching Methods and Techniques - Ethics for teachers, language of teaching, finding

       your  purpose, teaching to beginners, class structure and preparation, sequencing in asana

       and applications for anatomy in movement.

 ~ Empowerment Series for Teachers How to Market Yourself, Step by Step Guidance &    Tools to Get a Teaching Position, Class Templates & Sequencing, Social Media Marketing and



2 programs to choose from​​

  •  9 Month Program beginning September 16th, 2017


The Kula Initiative  200 Hour Teacher Training

Learn more about  

Lead trainer

Brook Cheatham


All Weekends will be

Saturday and Sunday 

11:00-5:00PM unless otherwise noted.  Some of our weekends will include a service project that will be altered slightly

February 3rd & 4th

March  3rd & 4th 

April 7th & 8th

May 5th & 6th **


This 200-Hour program will provide you with a deep understanding of your own yoga practice while guiding you in the advancement of your physical, mental, and spiritual self.  The tradition of yoga has been passed down for thousands of years from teacher to student in an intimate setting so that the teacher can deliver a potent experience and provide the safe environment for the student to truly transform and step into their power. The Kula Initiative Yoga Teacher Trainings continue this tradition by only accepting students who are serious about learning to utilize and unlock their potential.   We also feel that there is no greater aim in life than to be in service of another and our training will also be heavy in the service or Seva aspect of being a yogi.

The vision of the Kula Initiative is to have a landing point for those in the community whose heart is drawn towards service.
The Kula Initiative Program led by Brook Cheatham will reflect this vision, while also delivering an intense deep dive into the your own life and heart.

This yoga training is designed to empower and deepen your practice. For those trainees intending to share their passion by teaching, this program will give you a comprehensive teaching foundation and the tools you need to be a successful yoga teacher.
All Graduates will be able to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 Level. With the option of continuing their yoga education towards the 500-Hour level.

**Service Projects  dates

 ~ Early bird by June 9th $1900

~Payment Plan: $ 3,000
 ~ Paid in  Full Discount: $2,500